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I have taken it upon myself to find a unique way to look at the world in which we live. Life is a story that can be told in many ways, with my personal favorite being photography. My photos represent the beauty that I see and capture in people that I have encountered all around the world, and in the world itself. Our surroundings are too beautiful just to be seen through our own eyes. There is simply too much to appreciate.

As a photographer, I feel that it is my job to share the beauty I find in all that I see with others. My work not only allows me to document the journey I call my own life, but also the journeys of others I have encountered along the way.

My photography expresses my passion for what I do. I would consider myself an author, as each of my photos tells their own story. The depth and the various interpretations of each image intrigues me and fuels me to keep creating the art I love. My style is very different from most photographers my age, in that my love for travel is my inspiration. Simply seeing the world is not enough in my eyes... we must take every moment in. And photography allows me to capture the moments of my life that I cannot express through words, but only through images.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions or comments, and enjoy!

Sophie Harris

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